Tips to a Smooth and Safe Long Road-Tripping with Your Dog

Going on a long road trip is more fun when you’re not alone. It is always great to have some company in tow even if it is just your four-legged canine. Although having your dog coming along adds to the fun, you need to make proper preparations for him so that your whole road trip won’t end up with a lot of problems.

Dogs are like little kids. You need to bring some proper equipment and supplies with you to keep them safe and happy. Being prepared is certainly a must to a smooth and safe long road-tripping with your canine buddy. Below are some helpful tips you can follow.

  • Whenever you travel with your pooch, it is very important that he wears a secure collar and tag. Having proper identification will greatly help so others can contact you in case your dog suddenly wanders off and was found by other people. There are also some gps dog collars available in the market that your pet can wear. Using this will save you from a lot of stress and panic when you can easily locate your four-legged family member whenever he goes missing.
  • It has always been highly advised that you crate your dog when you are traveling. Putting your pet in a dog crate guarantees his safety since it prevents the dog from being catapulted towards the windows or the windshield in case of an accident. Having the dog on the loose inside your vehicle is a big no-no because he can distract you from your focus on the road. Better exercise caution and consider crating your dog during the entire time you are in the highway.
  • Just like you, your dog needs to eat. It is imperative that you pack plenty of food and water for your dog’s hearty consumption. Don’t forget to bring his feeding bowls. And to avoid unplanned snacking inside your vehicle, see to it that his pet food supplies are stored in proper and sturdy containers.
  • Since your road trip will cover a great distance, it is essential that you got your accommodations and emergency stops well-thought of and planned. Not all hotels or resorts are pet-friendly so make sure that you’ll be able to find places that are agreeable to the four-legged guests. Also, it is critical that you know of the nearest animal hospitals or veterinary clinics along the way so you can head straight for them in case you have a pet emergency.
  • When you are traveling, frequent stops need to be made so that your dog can answer the call of nature. In this case, you need to come prepared with a poop bag to pick up after his waste. The stops will also provide a good exercise for your dog to unleash the boredom he feels while he is in his crate.